Stormy Weather


Indoor storms of gauze and lace sprouted from June´s heart

Surrounding all that was and is in sensual love and settling down in peaceful lights.

An exclusive from Jumo for Sneak Peek May/June Round. A two piece gown with a strapless bustier embellished with lace and sequins that will give you a tiny looking waist in the best sense of the word.

The multi-tiered skirt is cut lower at the waist´s level on the back than it is in the front, thus revealing just a peek of your interesting anatomy.

Jumo Make Up

Swatches of crêpe de chine fabric are intermingled with lace all over and down to the skirt´s train in contrasting colors. The dress is available in several colors. Pink, salmon, gold, sky to name but a few.

It comes with a full parure of bold teardrop diamonds and gold jewelry which includes two headpieces adorned with feathers, as well as  Slink ready shoes that tie around your ankle for the sexiest effect.

The Back
The Back

The make up from Jumo has a thick eyeliner which is balanced out by a glittery soft pink lip perfect for a sophisticated nighttime look.  The make up sets come with appliers as well as regular tattoo layers. All Jumo!

Style Info

Jumo – Sherilyn Gown in Pink  and Jewelry + Jumo – Spring Glitter Lips with appliers. Exclusively available at Sneak Peak until June 5.  Jumo – Alexa Black Eyeliner.  Little Bones – Hair.

 Stormy Weather – Rebecca Schaffer

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Bazz you make me … Gulp ! thank you 🙂

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