Forgiveness Overdue


She first heard his name as a child.  Elevated to the position of rightful heir to Lope de Vega´s work during the Spanish Golden Age of Baroque Literature and the most important dramatist of his era. Her grandmother however, felt otherwise about the ´shameful´ nobleman and priest.

So there she sat, as had done every other woman in her family during the last 300 years! Listening attentively, outraged and ashamed, about the way this publicly acclaimed genius had forced himself – in the biblical sense of the word – upon the innocence of the matriarch of the female lineage in her family.  

She was thus, forbidden to read his books or ever mention his name. Although she and her mother would had preferred to finally let it go, both did not dare rebel against the mandate in the family. The suffering of her ancestor had to be kept fresh and acutely alive by each new generation of females to whom the sole mention of his name was worse than naming the devil´s.  

Just a few days ago, already as a grown woman, she had  finally mustered the courage to read about him.  The man in question had become deeply saddened upon the woman´s death and some time after he decided to become a member of the clergy. Perhaps it was his way of mourning, of searching for forgiveness; perhaps he honored her that way. Who knows what really happened there and then? True or not, she was now the last in line carrying the load upon her heart.

¨The weight of 300 years of hate can get heavy when only one woman´s left.¨ she said.

She sat there looking at his picture. He was with certainty, the male version of her beloved grandmother´s face. Same eyes, forehead and mouth. Same stand. She mustered out a prayer when in the name of all the females in her family, at last she gave him rest. She felt so weightless,  she had to keep herself from levitating.

Life is a Dream

What is life? A frenzy.

What is life? an illusion,

A shadow, a fiction,

And the greatest good is small;

For all of life is a dream,

And dreams, are …  only dreams.

 Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Style info:

Strapless bridal gown with silver embellishments and pleats.  Although the dress is mesh it also comes with prim attachments giving it movement and a happy-ever-after feeling.  A hair brooch is positioned low on the back of the head with a diaphanous veil sprouting from it. The gown is versatile enough for you to continue wearing it long after having given your I do!

Ever ´an Angel Bridal Gown.  Exclusively available at Penumbra FW SS15 until June 16, 2015. Finesmith – Necklace.  Eclectic – Bracelet and Earrings.

Vernal Equinox
Vernal Equinox

A beautiful mix of medieval magic with a little bit of boho thrown it.  Halter styled in the front, with tiers of fabric going from the waist down.  Intricately detailed on its upper part it holds a golden celtic cross as adornment.  The back is deeply cut and enhanced by the criss cross strings holding it up.

Ever ´an Angel – Vernal Equinox in Rosebud exclusive for Penumbra FW SS15. Baiastice – Arm Bracelet. Tableau Vivant – Hair.

Gauze & Effect
Gauze & Effects

A gauzy number with a paneled, ample long skirt that hangs low on the hips.  The top is simple and sleeveless. It mirrors the same style of the skirt down to the three buttons and ties around the lower waist with a band of contrasting colored fabric.

Ever ´An Angel – Gauze and Effect in Baudelaire. Exclusive for Penumbra FW SS15. MG – Necklace.  Truth – Hair.

Zen & Cocktails
Zen & Cocktails

A two piece outfit with beautifully shaped palazzo pants.  The top has a criss cross front.   In a Japanese inspired print of magnificent greens, pinks and white.  Both the top and the pants are edged in black for added depth.  The ensemble comes with an applier based bra (not shown) and it looks best when worn with flat sandals.  Flat shoes would provide an incongruent matronly air, so its best to avoid them. High heels are a definite no-no with these pants as they would throw off it´s balance.

Ever ´An Angel – Zen & Cocktails Set in Plum.  Available exclusively at Penumbra FW SS15.  Gizza – Arm Bracelet (part of Macha Outfit).

Is This Life a Dream – Alan Watts


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  1. landacrystal says:

    Hey Bazz tysm but I don’t want you to need an epitaph! xox EVER!!! 🙂

  2. Dee Darwin says:

    What is life? A frenzy.
    What is life? An illusion,
    A shadow, a fiction,
    And the greatest good is small;
    For all of life is a dream,
    And dreams, are only dreams.

    I have never mastered the art of “forgiving” to a level I could be comfortable with. My method of abstinence and distance is a coping mechanism that I employ, though not proudly, but human.

    Based on your piece there is hope though, but the burden will rest on my future generations.

    “She felt so weightless, she had to keep herself from levitating” you see I had the same feeling at the end of reading your post.

    Well done 🙂


    1. landacrystal says:

      Dee I can´t believe to express the deep gratitude I have for what you have written. Not just because the way you have written is simply beautiful and heartfelt and true, but because of how you seem to understand my deepest sentiments. I send many Blessings your way. Thank you for brightening my day! xox

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        The sun shone on us both then Landa 🙂 ♥

      2. landacrystal says:

        Mwahhh !!! Happy Sunday ma Dee!!!

      3. Dee Darwin says:


    1. landacrystal says:

      Grazie Cara Empre!!! xox

    2. Dee Darwin says:

      waves and jumps up and down to Empy lol ♥

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