Guarded Longings


The beloved pet sat beside her and with a turn of its head and dew in its eyes, asked for the kind of hug given to a puppy.  

Longing for those times herself,  she took it in her arms and cuddled it with love.  A few seconds later  she got deeply scratched on her arm and thigh.  Call it savage love. Her pet had not done it on purpose but it was its nature.  She could not help but hug it when, remorseful, it had come to her with at least the understanding that she had been hurt, and this was hers and its nature too.

She should have been guarded, she thought to herself, later on as her arm muscle twitched.

Sometimes we all need to be guarded… L.C

Two of my favourite designs from Maria Elena Barbosa, creator for MEB.  The feminine dress above has a slight baroque feeling to it perhaps because of its intricate texture and color.

The texture indeed looks and feels like a heavy lace.  The top´s ruffles opens out into a skirt that has its echo on the hem.  It comes with a deep red leather double belt.  Definitely a dress to wear when you want to feel feminine, elegant but not boring.

Style Info: MEB – Greta Dress. Available at Penumbra FW SS15 Retail Area until June 16.  Earrings, Necklace and Ring – .Shi  Hair – Rowne.


A great party or club hopping outfit.  The sequined high-waisted miniskirt is topped by a swimsuit like halter top in matching tones of gold with metal hardware.  Slightly slouchy thigh high leather boots give the ensemble an urban feel.

Style InfoMEB – VIVI Club Dress + Boots.  Available at Penumbra FW SS15 until June 16. Jewelry – .Shi.  Hair – Rowne.

Imagine Dragons – Stand by Me

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  1. landacrystal says:

    So very true ma Dee. It is a fine line to walk on and it must be truly balanced. If someone asked me who would you like to meet in RL form SL to have coffee with, you´d be one of them. I really love the way in which you can grasp things so well.

    On the other hand I have to tell you, karma is a baitch lol. Last night I hurt my dog´s feelings without meaning to. Did she deserve it … no way. But karma thought otherwise. xoxo

    1. Dee Darwin says:

      I would really love to sit with you in RL and just chat chat chat, the coffee would get cold. We seem to have a common vein in our outlook towards life and mensch.

      I do have you at a disadvantage whereas you set the scene and I get to add my 2 cents worth. You spark my thought process, which is not always easy, lol.

      Now if your dog is anything like my two then that incident is long forgotten by them. Animals understand and easily will forgive a faux pas taking the extended periods of love and trust as the norm. Interesting, is the fact that humans can tear down years of established relationship over something others would consider minor. Dumb animals and smart humans, wow there is a loaded sentence.

      Go get a doggie kiss, lol


      1. landacrystal says:

        hahahaha yes Dee, indeed.
        She did forgive me … YESTERDAY!!! not before!!! I woke up to find her snuggling to me with much love. I still felt really bad though but it will pass, because forgiveness starts with forgiving ourselves n´ est-ce pas? 🙂

        I learn from her every day. Sending you and your beautiful pooches my love!

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