My Cage Regrets


A few years ago, YSL created a whimsical shoe, the original cage sandal; Its image still haunts me.  Its beauty still makes my heart race filling it with the desire to caress its velvety ribbon and trace its geometric patterned squares.

I found its heel fueled my imagination making me envision all sorts of pretty objects well protected inside them,  making noise with each step I took while announcing my arrival.  I found its structure a bit reminiscent of the magnificence of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the always iconic Yves.

While I debated wether the shoe would turn out to be just a fad and if so not a good investment, the shoe sold out everywhere and I was left forever drooling over the thought of it while it became a classic.  It gave a whole new meaning to the quote that says

¨life is what happens while you are busy making other plans¨ (credited to John Lennon).

The metaphor I´m using is certainly not life changing but having always looked at Fashion as a form of art it has the power to open my heart, my thinking and my appreciative and empathic qualities to multiple perspectives, possibilities and different points of views.

If anything, the particular experience served as a reminder that seizing the moment, when the moment is right, is a sure way to a life of no regrets.



Style Info

Somehow the  LWD above, unapologetically strapless and  simple in its cut has served to ease my cage shoe cravings.  Its seemingly leathery crepe the chine material is contained and secured in place with a wonderful cage like structure in black.

Accessorize it with similar cage like jewelry and if possible at all a cage like boot.

Rapture – Dress with Cage exclusively at Sneak Peak April-May Round.   Finesmith – Group Gift Mask. Truth – Hair. LaGyo – Bracelet and Ring.  JPB Bandit – Diamong Earring (worn on right) & .Shi – Earring on the left.  Hucci – Boots.

Born Cages – Metaphor

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