Like a Lotus


The garden pond still stood there.  It´s oriental bridge projecting its shadow atop the lotus flowers that floated up and down its breeze-fueled rippled waves.  

She often wished for a big one; a sturdy yet delicate lotus, gigantic enough to allow her to sit and float above the waters in its peaceful sacred way.

Style Info

June Monteiro, the creator of JUMO is in frenzy of creativity. Often producing complete outfits that include shoes and jewelry, she seems to make it easy for the busy gal who wants to be ready for a night out in a flash without  having to actually worry about how to put things together.

The style above is a sequined short dress with deep plunging front, sides and back. Gathering at the center of the waist it opens up slightly while remaining very close to the body.  The outfit is available in several colors.

JUMO – DeOrus Dress in Teal worn with DeOrus Jewelry. Truth – Hair.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Aweeee baby!!! tysm 🙂

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