Citrus Lights



A fisherman lays waiting upon the ¨Shellsea¨ Beach.

The place I once called home.  

A citrus smell slides  glistening upon these sandy shores.

Sultry silica particles smouldering under the hottest sun.

She had arrived late at night and gone straight to bed only to awaken a few hours later to the flashing of signal lamps beaming from the sea right into her room. The next day she did notice that things at the beach house seemed slightly off.

At first she could´t pinpoint anything specific.  It was more like the mad feeling that someone who did not belong there had actually lingered uninvited, unwelcome and unfriendly.

Eventually she noticed her favourite straw basket was gone; the one with the intricate pattern hand weave she had bought from one of the mountain Indians.

An empty plastic liter size bottle of soda laid on the side of the pathway she´d always walk to the beach.  It was a brand she never drank, and an almost gory detail upon the natural and pristine sight dampening the view as it sat amongst empty bags of chips atop an old thin mattress.

Someone had indeed waited there all night for something to inconspicuously arrive.  Alarmed, she ran the 39 steps up home.

Style Info

Spaghetti strap, lose top with plunging necklines on both the front and back sits atop a belted pencil skirt.  The top is slightly textured. The outfit comes with sexy high heels that echo the yellow of the skirt.

!!Smesh –  Glam and Sexy Outfit. Truth – Flowers from Leilani Hair on Armelle Hair. LaGyo – Jewelry

Blinded by the Light – Manfred Man

Remix for Blow

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