Cara ¨O¨


¨She stood outside the tinniest chapel, then turned around and without hesitation she walked in.¨

Style info

This is a short dress that looks simple and unaffected yet it´s quiet a number. The demure upper part covered in guipure lace flowers has an empire waist and long bishop sleeves.

The lower part is a multilayer of silk and chiffon.  The dress is available in several colors. The one pictured above, in beige, reminds me a bit of the dress Jacqueline Bouvier wore for her second wedding to then shipping tycoon, the Greek Aristoteles Onassis in the small island of Skorpios.

Hers was a short chemise style, lace covered dress by Valentino, but the feel is the same.

Gizza – Cara Dress in Cream. Jumo – Rhodesia Diamond Pearl Earrings and Ring .   Tableau Vivant – Hair Flowers from their Snow Queen Hair.  Truth – Hair.

 Hozier – Jackie and Wilson

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    1. landacrystal says:

      Aweee Deee tysm!!! xox

  1. landacrystal says:

    Do you have a gf? lol

  2. The Bearded Man says:

    a good song for a good post 🙂

    1. landacrystal says:

      Tysm Bearded Man! Great posts on your blog as well. xox

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