My Denim Blues


My Paternal Grandparent´s farm was a place forever filled with the promise of adventure.  Along with my cousins, we climbed, we ran, we chased and were chased.  It was the only opportunity I ever had to get down and dirty and play and go barefoot without getting reprimanded.

One of my favourite moments at the farm was climbing up on top of its tall fence and sitting there to watch the sunset in the distance as it fell down behind the palest reddish hills on the horizon.

Afterwards we would slide down the electricity pole. We did this over and over again until getting caught by my half Irish Mamó.

Gizza Army Denim_007

Frisland in SL reminds me of it.  I was introduced to it by Photographer Tempest Rosca during a recent shoot for the March Issue of Eclipse Magazine where I appear on pages 4&5 and 108 thru 111.

There is also an article I wrote for them regarding the very interesting  #HASTHTAG by Visionaire new approach to modeling and fashion, on pages 126 thru 133.  Click here to read it!


Style Info

Denim dress, tailored very close to the body.  The neckline is ample and flared and the dress has a wide buckled belt, pockets on the front and several hardware details both utilitarian and decorative.  Available in several types of denims and color combinations.

Gizza – Army Denim Dress in Blue. Yummy – Necklace. Baiastice – Booties.

 Train – Angel in Blue Jeans

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