Vero Modero
Vero Modero

¨2015 years of failures and we still have not learnt.¨

In loving memory of everyone who has ever died over their personal beliefs and never imposed them on others.

Some day, this too shall pass, because In LoVe We Trust.

Style Info:

An outfit inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman guard.  Remove the helmet and you are ready to take on the dance floor.  Add a pair of boots and a sword and you´ll be ready to sit and watch a Romans Film or take on your nearest Roleplay Arena.

Vero Modero – Jade Outfit in Army Green. ArisAris – Basic Instinct Boots with Color Change HUD.  Ryca – Belly Chain.   Aisling – Hand Jewelry. Yummy – Choker. ^^Swallow^^– Single Rings

La Colonie Volvox – Cathar Hymn

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Thank you for such complete understanding 🙂 xxx

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