Traveling Without Movement


She stopped upon arrival, just wanting to say hello; then noticed that the table was ready & set for two.  

Like the great ¨Py¨(thagoras)  once said … 

¨Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God.¨

Inside the microcosmos of both their minds  the space was just as vast as the universe without.

They lingered there, for seemingly a long time.

Style Info

This longer blouse can double as a micro mini dress, its ample, yet demure décolletage,  permits it – without looking vulgar.  In a silky flower print, and voiles around the sleeves that match the orange base of the dress.

This outfit is a big production of sorts because it comes with many items such as silver/green tights and the highest leather shoes in the same electric shade as the bag above.  Jewelry and cell phone, along with nail polish in blue, are also in included in the pack.

Ashmoot – outfit #33. Available at Sneak Peek March 2015 Round. Bold & Beauty Hair

 Cosmic Girl – Jamiroquai

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