Swallow – MWFW News4


For men who use The Mesh Project´s Mesh Head and Body, ^^Swallow^^ comes with the Marco Mesh Head Applier.  The set comes with different colored eyebrows and one option for wearing none.

Keep in mind that the end results will depend on the exact TMP mesh head you wear and whether or not you alter some of the sliders in the shape.

^^Swallow Eyebrows ''Cut''01 (for Man)

For those of you who prefer the streetwise look of brawls gone by, ^^Swallow^^ brings you the Cut 01 Eyebrows with diagonally symmetrical parallel razor cuts.

Both available at MWFW.

xox, Landa

Photos: Courtesy of Swallow by Spartin Parx.

Buddha Bar Mix – 2015

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