Sneaky Lizzie


¨The thrill of that moment of delightful anticipation right before an unexpected and unintended date…¨

Style Info

A black two piece outfit.  The top is a halter criss crossing in the front. Going back, it ties right on the upper waist.  The pencil tight skirt hugs your curves and reaches right below the knee for a sexy and yet elegant look.

The metal spiral neckpiece elongates the neckline and echo the arm cuffs that climb up real far.

Lyziaah – Mesh Dahlia Dress in Black (Also available in light aqua).   The neckpiece and bracelets come in Silver and Gold versions.  Available at Sneak Peek! until April 5th.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. landacrystal says:

    Reblogged this on – Our World is UrWorld – and commented:

    Liziaah for Sneak Peek

    1. Dee Darwin says:

      The snake and I would not have survived the song together…. tragic but true lol

      1. landacrystal says:

        Guess what … I agree bc me too!! Brave young woman!

  2. Dee Darwin says:

    aaaahhhh Spring, lol

    1. landacrystal says:

      Has it arrived now?

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        lmao huggss Landa (Panda) ♥♥

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