Solar Flare Flu


The solar flares flu hit me today after I met with the only other – non blood related person – I know in Second Life, this time in RL.   No, it certainly was not the first time we had met in RL but we had not seen each other in over a year, mostly because of my need to nurse back to health a series of knee injuries.

We met at a midway picturesque outdoor café alongside one of her children.  A wonderful young man, educated to behave as a true chivalrous gentleman, the likes of which I have not seen in years in someone his age.

She was, and still is, a  predominant force in the Sl Fashion Industry.  A real insider who can actually function as an SL  Encyclopedia.  We each took turns in commenting about this, that or the other and went on chatting for hours, laughing and bonding as only SL/RL  friends can do.  

There was no need for explanations about what it is that each does in SL.  It is simply our means of creative and artistic expression and a very rewarding labour of love. Thank you for a wonderful time PB!

Style Info

A brilliant gown, sexy in all the right places. Elegant and otherworldly at the same time.  It has a semi-sweetheart neckline and midriff cutouts all around that go down to the lower waist along with a slit ¨up to there¨ on the right side.

The gown comes with sexy platform jeweled shoes and a  diamond jewelry set fit for a princess.  Available in all the colors of the rainbow, I am wearing it with the Slink Mesh Body; my first try ever! After struggling a bit with the seemingly million options of its alpha hud, I can honestly say … not bad!  I mostly love the legs on this mesh bod along with the shoulders.  Each Mesh Body really has its own advantages so I´m still deciding which one´s the keeper!

Jumo – Dutchess Gown  and Jewelry in Lavender.  Lode – Magnolia Head Piece. Fiore – Hair.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dee Darwin says:

    I love when people bond regardless what it is over they just seem to glow.That your’s actually blends both worlds is so precious. Hold it tight, I had it once and it was taken away but the memories are ever fresh ♥


    1. landacrystal says:

      Oh Dee thank you so much your words and thoughts. I know memories can be precious. Hugs ya tight!

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