The Book of Time

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

The sweet nonagenarian claimed the world ended every certain amount of thousands of years. Each time springing back from its ashes, yes, but re-birthing with almost no memory of its glorious past.

With no points of reference it has to go thru all the different cultural and evolutionary stages until again, a victim of its own creation, it heads back straight towards its own destruction.  

How could all knowledge disappear and remain almost untraceable?  Where were all the books, the manuscripts, the teachings?  Hard to fathom that all could be destroyed, but if it happened today, how many of our electronic files would remain? Even if they did, would our survivors have the necessary elemental technology to access the information?  We think not.  I can´t even do so with an old VCR.

Style Info

The textures played on this dress make is sinuously sensual.  With a keyhole neckline, it leaves the back amply exposed all the way to the waist where it is held together with a wide double pin leather belt.  The long sleeves open enough to allow the loving coexistence of your mesh hands with no poking thru.

Vero Modero – Airy Dress for Designer Showcase.  Bold & Beauty – Hair & Turban.  Epoque – Earrings.

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