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Lyrical Bizarre Templates
Lyrical Bizarre Templates

I played the  recorder or Dulce Flauti (Sweet Flute)  while looking out the window from my room and loving the medieval feel of this wooden instrument and the sweet, almost imperceptible sound it made and I dressed and styled myself back then very much like I did above.  For a while it was my refuge and its notes made my heart vibrate and my soul dream.

I was particularly thrilled when I found a very  similar – although not the same kind of – flute in SL yesterday. I wish that I could still remember how to read and play music but unfortunately I no longer do.  And while I don´t think I ever will again, this flute in my hand will certainly take care of my cravings at least for now.

Style Info

Scooped necked long sleeved dress in deep purple and turquoise.  It conveys a feel of sexy innocence.  The back collar stands out and up revealing the turquoise under color.

The sandals are worn on my TMP mesh body using the version meant for Matreya´s mesh body.  Although it is not a super perfect fit, it did not go bad at all!

Lyrical Bizarre Templates – Oasis Mesh Dress.  Little Bones – Hair & Headband. Pure Poison – Bohemian Romance Sandals.   Yummy – Key Necklace and Ring. Kunst – Flute. Toro – Hammock. HPMD – Garden Tree.

 Master of Masters Ian Anderson


One Comment Add yours

  1. landacrystal says:

    Falling off my chair laughing … you going to ruin my reputation in the fashion world ! Nahhh you are absolutely right. I learnt to hide the fact because of my parents reactions but I think I may be old enough by now.
    Peace out Bazz!!!!

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