I Scream!


I still think his gelato was laced with ¨something.¨  The ice cream parlor was always full and he was making a bundle, but there was always this bitter after taste that suggested something that should´t have been there was poured into his concoctions.  He was a stregone and not of the good kind. When after having been turned down he hit on my younger sister, I called him up to the corner and warned him to just stay away from her.  I must have looked mean and nasty, because amazingly, he complied!

Style Info

Both dress and coat can be worn separately and come with a HUD for easy color changes combinations.  The close to the body dress has a zig zag front.  The coat is worn on the shoulders and has a wonderful detail oriented texture.

Zanze – Augustine Dress & Coat.  Available at Sneak Peek. Mandala -Necklace. Truth-Hair.  Location: Visionaire.

 Lucia Micarelli

Kashmir on Mean Violin


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  1. landacrystal says:

    hehe I knew a few good ones still (winks)

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