Funky Nights


As a child, she had been fascinated  with the study of the atom because of it´s resemblance to    tiny solar systems, she´d say.  

  Formulating almost panentheistic theories that had no real beginning nor end, she would often entertain these ideas and searching for transcendence, wonder if we were perhaps just an atom within the body of a Divine Supreme begin.

Later on when she came of age and appeared to be temporarily distracted with the mundane every day things typical of her day and age, she traversed  a seeming disconnection that allowed her to fit in.  

Still, her true nature would often take over not so much thru conscious thought forms by then, but in feeling. 

Specially on balmy summer nights near some body of water,  while  swaying  to the music and rhythms, she would feel again as one.   Even perhaps again as just a  tiny subatomic particle that loved everything and ¨almost¨everybody within the spectrum of being.

Style Info

Definitely a retro look.  The 70s printed polyester shirt this time remade in a silk Jersey print. The shirt is left unbuttoned for maximum cleavage and it is tied on the waist rather high.

The Jeans are a typical high waisted retro look but this time mixed in with the distressed ripped look.  The print of the shirt and sumptuous jewelry gives the entire ensemble a very contemporary feel that is perfect for today.

Jumo – Moss Outfit in Blue. It comes with Jewelry (belt, ring, necklace and earrings) as well as high heels printed in the same pattern as the shirt and you can get it in several other different prints.  Available at Sneak Peek until tonight.

 Jamiroquai – Little ¨L¨



3 Comments Add yours

  1. landacrystal says:

    haha Bazz … me thinks … you may very well be right! just don´t tell a soul … shhhh 😀

  2. Dee Darwin says:

    I heard (read) that 🙂

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