A Road Less Taken



Sometimes acting a certain way can bring about change, even when it´s just acting.  That forced smile we regale others with out of politeness can all of a sudden turn into a genuine one just to name one example.  

Other times, people´s perceptions about us can start us thinking about a pathway we never intended to take.  It gets us thinking about it as an actual possibility and once the idea has found its way into our heads  it begins to open us to other futures and other possible versions of our ourselves.  

The entire process can take us into either dismissing the idea altogether (how many times can we actually achieve this before we do succumb to the temptation?) or learning something deeper about ourselves.

In any case I wonder if the mere act of questioning can bring about change and turn so called false perceptions into realities.  Most likely, I think, they just contribute to our opening of doors and give us a little push to embark on that road less taken … the road back home.

Style Info

Printed Silk dress shirt with slits up the sides, topped by a knitted long sleeve half sweater.  It comes with a long pearl necklace and a three roses brooch.  A perfect spring ensemble for the coming season.

Gizza – Kate Dress in Beige + Necklace + Brooch.  LaGyo – Ring.  Glamistry – Pumps.  TMP – Mesh Body.  Trompe L´Oeil – Chair.


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  1. Dee Darwin says:

    Okay you got me thinking. smiles. To start I would think that how we act, meaning how we receive others initially will determine anything that follows in that relationship. If we are open, approachable and lack condescending overtones then chances are the rewards will surprise us.

    I like to remain open to all and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with those I meet. There are of course times when I am under pressure by one thing or another and I find that I must work to not let that influence my demeanour or tone with others. It isn’t their fault.

    Preconceived ideas one has about us are things we can’t control. Where these ideas came from and how they are formed is really not something that I worry about. People either take the time to know me because they wish to or they don’t. While they take the time to know me I in turn am spending the time to know them, a reward.

    Questioning is something that always will bring about change in us and around us, whether about us, our surroundings or the meaning of life. We must question to allow for growth.

    Every new person is a story to be told and I to them, are a story to be read. If they can’t open the book I can’t help them and it is a shame. I like to try to have relationships with all I meet but there are limits, I am loyal and expect the same and if ones pleasure in life is at the expense of others I am not riding in that car.

    Question, be open to others and approachable, the rewards are amazing.

    The one road we always find is the road back home, I just hope people recognize it when they get there.


    1. landacrystal says:

      Dear Dee, first THANK YOU for this contribution. Second: I LOVE your insight on this. It has contributed to my own. The part where you said ¨There are Limits¨touches me intimately as I can have trouble with that, although once I do reach my limit (like 4 years down the road LOL) that´s pretty much it. So you can see this is my way to pretty much get out that car you talk about and finally take the only road back home. Thank you Dee you are brilliant! and BTW you are quite a writer. xoxo

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        Thank you Landa, that was sweet of you to say:) Your post brought on my comment, so a mutual hug is in order xoxo

  2. “I wonder if the mere act of questioning can bring about change and turn so called false perceptions into realities. Most likely, I think, they just contribute to our opening of doors and give us a little push to embark on that road less taken … the road back home.”

    I think so. thank you for a thoughtful post. 🙂

    1. landacrystal says:

      Dear Robert thank you for that, thank you so much. Means a lot to me. I wish you a happy weekend!

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