Not Enough Change?



Running out of change can be a difficult thing to overcome in more ways than one.  A lack of change or of adaptability to it when it finally arrives, sometimes akin to death or hell.  

As long as I can grow and  adapt to the many constant changes all around and within me, the easier it becomes for me to avoid stagnation  and even sometimes, the permanent ending of things. 

Flowing with the ebb and swell of my universe has become my only way to surf. Although the process may be painful – as change often is –  we could come out a stronger surfer and learn to ride in joy with the waves.

Snapshot_003Style Info

Low V neckline silk dress in nude, cinched at the waist with a leather belt.  The skirt flares out just enough.  The long sleeves provide balance to an otherwise excess of skin.

The bag, in a red color used as a neutral in this case,  is very reminiscent of  RL Fendi Peek-a-boo handbag which now has become a classic.  This Sl version comes with a HUD to change the inside pocket colors.

The diamond teardrop necklace maintains the 70´s vibe for an updated 21st century, Else Peretti meets Halston look.

Rawne – Dress & Bag.  Yummy – Necklace.  Maitreya –  Mesh Body.  Tableau Vivant – Hair.




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  1. landacrystal says:

    TYSM for getting it ! xox

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