Chocolate Fondant


The image of a faux mink fur coat – the longer the better – used as a lace lingerie cover works a bit like chocolate fondant or a chocolate volcano.  Cold in appearance yet smoldering inside.  The  mix of both textures can be disturbingly sensual in your mouth.  Try it for yourself. 

Click on the link above for a recipe. 

Style Info

For a few months now I´ve been flirting with different mesh body parts and heads from different makers.  I was very cautious at first and withheld my opinions basically because it was too early in the game.

Now it seems things have gotten a bit more stable and there are more and more offerings in terms of adaptability and versatility to the point that off the runway I feel more comfortable wearing a complete set of mesh body parts.

For runway shows it´s not something that I recommend (lag increase horror and restrictions depending on the brand you use), I just don’t think that I will be reverting back to my regular avi when off runway.

The difference is significative and in some brands the way to make it your own is now easier than ever.  You can now choose each feature of your face to mix and match until you find one mix that truly accommodates you.

Above:  TMP – Mink Coat, Earrings, Lace Lingerie, Mesh  Body.  Lelutka – Vintage Ponytail

Below:  The clutch of all clutches.  Available in every color and texture imaginable.   Vero Modero – Envelope Clutch in Snake.  Manicure – TMP

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

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  1. landacrystal says:

    OMG, facepalms. Thank you Mr. G!

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