Only Words

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

Perhaps her actions left a lot to be said.  It all came down to integrity of thoughts, feelings and actions.  These all need to be aligned. When they are not, a primal existentialist anguish is brought forth, with such force that it can only be abated by reaching an understanding of sorts.  

Action speaks for itself and when it does there is no need for words.


Style Info

This leather skirt is cut pencil thin and gathered on the side.  Topped by an embellished cut-out top that criss crosses on the back, it provides visual interest to the otherwise bare shoulders.  Faux fox fur shoulder covers provide the necessary balance.  Available in several skirt colors. Although pictured differently, the spikes are gold in hue.

Vero Modero – Eva Skirt Outfit in Rose.  7891 – Ring.  Mandala – Earrings – Glamistry – Platform Sandals (can be used on the Maitreya mesh feet as well as with Slink feet so it gives you a great run for your money.  This is the way I wish every shoe in SL would behave providing versions for all TMP, Maitreya and Slink Feet).  Fiore – Hair.

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