Zodiac Hasthtag

Faster Pussycat
Faster Pussycat

The first #Hashtag by Visionaire event took place this past week, as well as the one before.  The event consists of a Fashion Mob of Models taking over an undisclosed venue.

The venue where the event takes place is only revealed approximately one hour before the Fashion Mob takes over.   This is a change in the way runway shows are done and is highly audience interactive  as they all become part of the show itself.

During this first round the styling theme revolved around each person´s SL zodiac sign.  Perhaps you want to guess which sign I tried to portray above.  Look out for other #Hasthtag events every week coming soon to a nearby SIM!

Style Info

Faster Pussycat – Iconic Dress.  LaGyo – Ring.  Modern Couture – Tiara & Necklace.  Vintage Jewels – Byzantine Madonna Earrings. Cannibelle – Tights. Ison – Hair.


One Last Time – Tina Turner in Concert.

At 76 years old you bet I want to be like her when I grow up !

Way to go Tina, cheers Lady Queen!


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