Perfectly Imperfect

Petit  Chat
Petit Chat

Continuing with the theme of my previous post, as easy as it is to control certain relationship issues in my virtual experience, there are other issues that certainly fall out of my hands and upon which I might constantly need to rise above in order to experience Zen.   Some are necessary evils, some are flaws and some have a proper fix that only needs be applied properly. Here are some of the technicalities I wish I could change:

  1. Decorative purpose only lamps.  I want them to look pretty AND be fully functional.
  2. Fitted Mesh that makes my legs look like tooth pics of the anorexic variety.
  3. Badly fitting alphas that have nothing to do with my particular shape.   
  4. False advertisings, like a recently purchased pair of shoes that were supposed to be on sale but for which I never received a rebate and still no response from the creator(?!).
  5. Residential SIMs without proper customer service.
  6. Laaaaggggg.  No, not really!! We models actually LOVE LAG.  We have it for breakfast!
  7. The Gacha that refuses to dispatch me the one item I really, really want.
  8. Beautiful and attractive houses I´d like to own but have  extremely low ceilings that make me feel cramped.
  9. Tiny, tiny doors that force me to bump into either edge of the wall, repeatedly as in my newbie days.
  10. Items that come within a box, within a box, within a box, within a box and are not matryoshka dolls.
  11. The weapon you hardly ever use and requires a complete notecard training diploma.  Once fully trained or re-trained you notice that your target has disappeared.
  12. Hair demos not available in all colors. Because after all, if it´s a brand you´ve never used, you can always purchase another color if you make a mistake. You are loaded with Lindens to waste, remember?

My list could go on and on but in the end my just perfect the way it is list is wayyyy longer!

Much Love,


Style Info

Another hit from the fashion as art authority, Trinity Yazimoto.   An open coat with tiers on the upper chest that double as a cover for your precious bits.  Available in several colors.

Petit Chat – My Winter Coat in Red Tartan. Exclusively available at the TUMF Urban Legend Fair 2015 until February 12. Epoque – Tiara. B&W – Divina Sunglasses.  Baiastice – Gloves.  Ison – Hair. Maitreya – Boots & tights.

Blondie Vs. The Doors ? (I loved)

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