Chic Temptations


The reasons are simple and complex at the same time,  but this year I decided that I will walk away,  close doors, remove myself from all that´s not constructive enough to stay.

It might be a relationship that has run its course or a habit that I know is no longer good.  It could be the idle wasting of time, the lack of action and control or an environment that is toxic.  It could be those persons who always seem to want to bring us down, the ones who tend to focus on the negative bits of our personalities real or imagined.  The ones who are not only opinionated but obtuse and lacking the access to reliable and proper information just make it all up in order to justify the unjustifiable.  The ugly television broadcaster type in that awful news channel room or your frienemy (yes your FREE enemy!!!!) from a thousand years ago.

This year I want to become even more selective in what and who I will allow into the inner sanctuary of my life.  The license must be renewed and earned day by day and time after time again just  as well as my commitment to contribute positively in return is.  

Constructing my own little private world is always easier in SL.  We all have the tools and if we have the courage we use them (ignore, block, delete for good).  If we are a little strong we stick with our resolutions and if we mess up too bad we can always try again.  That is the way I intend to live my SL. The rest can go into yesterday´s lemon basket.  

May our SL be a constant source of joyful,

peaceful fun that spills into all areas of our lives!

Style Info

A beautifully printed criss cross top and pants from the undisputed queen of sexy. The simple top is available in several prints but I particularly loved this yellow one, perhaps because of its sunny quality but mostly because I loved the detailed clarity of the print.  The criss cross theme is echoed in the from of the leather pants.  A lovely look to entertain at home or club in depending on your daring level.

Smesh!! – Chic Temptation Top in Yellow.  Mesh Bronze Leather Pants.  Jumo – Skin.  Exxess – Hair. Baiastice – Arm Bracelet.  Ryca – Belly Chain.  Fanatik – Interior.   Bazar – Lemon Basket.

Shift K3Y – I Know

(Lets Go)

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