Self Love Croci


Mysteriously someone had left the gown at her doorstep.  You would think a lover but it actually was just her future self asking for forgiveness.

She wore it that night, in spite of not really having anywhere more amusing than her own apartment to go to.   She had never felt so special.

Syle Info

This gown comes with (as usual) a magnificent hud attachment that allows you to change textures at a whim.  I particularly liked the grey, white and gold gown colors.

The dress is a true stunner and at least in my case seems to cling on to  every curve, mesh or none. The best part of it is that the alpha completely deletes your feet so you don´t have to dig into your inventory for  an additional pant layer to delete the space between your ankles and feet.

Zanze – Nice Wild Crocus Gown in White.  Jumo – Paris Skin in Honey for Slink Physics / Visage in Honey.  Little Bones – Hair. Osakki – Vintage Cuff.  Abiss – The Living Room + The Apartment Interiors.


Lisa Papineau – Marco Chomo

Bit of my mind
track number 9
kickin’ it live
beautiful, beautiful

tried not to say
but it isn’t my way
never again
beautiful, so beautiful

well laugh on a left on a left on a right
you said left on a left on a left on a right
he’ll summon night, you too
he’ll summon night, you too

here i am again
same room, same friends
what can i say
beautiful, so beautiful

i tried to find my way
but it wasn’t my day
never again
beautiful, it’s so beautiful

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