We´ll Always Have Paris


The last ten days or so have felt as if I had unexpectedly stepped into the wrong planet.  Slowly but surely I have eased back into my usual activities.  The first thing I remembered when prompted to resume my activities, was that  the last thing I got in my inventory was a new Skin aptly called ¨Paris.¨  

Jumo, the jewelry and clothing Designer, truly surprised me with this skin.  As soon as I wore it, it became obvious to me that their impeccable approach to textures and design had also been applied to their Beauty Line.

The skin is made with the Slink physique / Visage in mind but it can be worn with a regular body as well. What sets it apart for me is that it allows for very natural eyebrows in different shades.  This, in combination with the different colored lipsticks, allows us to personalize our look much  better than say a certain other skin I had to stop wearing because every body looks the same with it.

Jumo Paris Skins
Jumo Paris Skins

Another factor  going for the Jumo Paris skin for me is the wide range of skin tones that suits every ethnicity combination from Pale, Porcelain, Honey, Fraise, Cream, Cocoa to Caramel,  with eyebrows in blonde, brown, dark and red and a range of lipsticks made for each skin applier as well as SLink Hands and Feet Texture Color appliers.

I find that its range suits me just fine and I am having a blast trying out the different color combinations. Definitely a keeper!


 Style Info

Jumo – Paris Skin in Cream.  Très Blah – Sequined Skirt and Top.  SLink – Hands and Feet.  Gizza – T- Strap Heels in Red part of Anne Marie Outfit. Epoque – Bracelet.  Hair – Little Bones.  Inca Temple – Diamond Ring.

La Belle Tocade ME&LP

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