The Magi Kings

AFI Designs
AFI Designs

While the rest of the world has left the holidays behind and is struggling to get back to a normal routine, some of us, in some officially catholic countries are getting ready to celebrate the second christmas or the arrival of the Magi Kings. As such, the holy season lasts until next Sunday January 11th when the holiday officially closes.

Less than a generation ago in my Country of residence at least,  it was on January 6th when children would open presents.  

Although this tradition was no longer kept, my mother saved one present to give us that day.  It was her way to honour her Spaniard roots.  

Today and tomorrow as I debate wether to make a Galette de Rois or not – to honor my French side –  I hold her memory deep in my heart.  Merry Christmas Mom!

Style Info

A golden halter gown with delicate embroidery down the center front and fragile lace on the neck and waist.  Wings and Jewelry are included.

AFI Designs – Charmant Gown and wings.  Available at Sneak Peek until tonight.  Hair – Truth.  Ring – LaGyo.

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