Anti-gravitational Forces

Petit Chat
Petit Chat

The phone rang mid afternoon.  Mariska was calling frantically for her to tell her if she would indeed die.  She had cancelled her FB account earlier that day and been isolated at home for the last two.  

Mariska, Emme answered, ¨I´m probably the least suitable person to answer that question as I actually wondered about myself yesterday.¨

Am I dying she had asked the Divinity inside her?  No. Was the answer, but something else something is.

Perhaps the issue had a lot more to do with what was happening around them.

Indeed it feels like some things will never be the same again because we are called to leave the past behind on the journey we are about to begin.

Style Info

Ahhh Petit Chat … Trinity Yazimoto´s unique artwork is magnificent and in this particular ensemble, very reminiscent of Custo Barcelona´s prints.

An extremely short, pleated and belted mini-skirt is topped by a cropped jacket in Yazimoto´s original prints.

The outfit comes with the metal necktie necklace and a brilliantly chic pair of boots.  Warning … one must definitely have everything in its proper gravitational orb to wear this!

Petit Chat – Antigravity Outfit.  Available at Sneak Peek.   VJ – Byzantine earrings.  Ison – Hair.


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