Vintage Values



At the New Year Celebration, right after the clock stroked midnight, a long time acquaintance began to pour all that was wrong with her marriage into Emme´s ¨virgin¨ ears. Crying, she had confessed that she could no longer go on unless change was on the way.  

The husband, feeling betrayed and guilty, came over and asked Emme bluntly and arrogantly … Why are you making my wife cry?

Not wanting to blow her friend´s cover Emme took the blame and said:  Because I´m telling her my life story.

Are you positively sure that it´s not because she is talking about me? He asked.

I´m positive.  I am telling her about something that happened to me.  She replied. 

Indeed Emme took the blame. She felt that perhaps by doing so she would avert another New Year marital fight.  

He knew Emme was lying but she had helped him save face so he somewhat subdued his attacks and snares for the rest of the night.

This was something that happened to Emme often.Friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers felt that somehow she could understand.  Perhaps she could.  More than anything she just knew how to listen.  

Incredibly this was something that seemed to enrage other members of the ¨crew.¨  …   Emme kept wondering why, until she realized that the possible answer was pretty absurd.  This or else they were all on a different level.  At least very different from hers.

Style Info

A high waisted blue jean that is flared and a bit vintage in its way.  So very 70s and complete with the right kind of metal stud closure.  The jeans come with the chain belt and are a very deep blue and not black as pictured here.

The top is a cropped bustier in gold lamé with a studded metal necktie worn as a necklace.  Perfect for now and also a great investment as the younger generation will most likely begin to move further away from low slung jean favoring the wasp like waistline ¨a la¨ 50s, 60s and 70s.

Holy Shirt! – Flares and Bustier in Gold.  Available at Sneak Peek.  Mandala – Bracelets and Earrings.  Swallow – Rings

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