Her Heart is Elsewhere


Emme, had indeed dated Emile at some point in her life.  This was something that his wife would never forgive.  ¨How dare you be thinner, smarter and more knowledgable than me and on top of that be the one who got away?¨   She´d asked.  

The wife had made it her role to look, act and behave 100% the opinionated ¨batch.¨ It was the only thing at which she excelled. 

Little could she see that to Emme, Emile had lost his looks long ago and not resembling anything of his old self he had began to morph into a Henry VIII type without a kingdom. Both inside and out it was a scary thought.

Meanwhile, Emme´s heart stayed elsewhere … 

Style Info

A quilted mini dress with a keyhole closure back and a feathered shrug.  Both the dress and the feathers can change colors thru a brilliant HUD.   I´m wearing this dress with my favorite earrings and ring.  Pretty Avant Garde but wearable and perfect for the club or fashion scene.

Zibzka – Caja Dress. Available at Sneak Peek.  .Shi – Ring.  Vintage Jewels – Byzantine Earrings.  Ison – Hair. Aria – Sofa.

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