Kitty Paw or… When The Harlem Shuffle Was Everywhere


Abstract or literal, linear or nonlinear, there are things that she  still can´t fully comprehend.  Any type of abuse or injustice to name but two.  Although gone are the days when in spite of being the youngest in the boarding school bus she stood in the middle of the aisle to keep an adopted native  girl from being harassed – because of her racial heritage – she still can´t accept the depths into which some of us can sink.

She stands on the sides observing but incapable of identifying with this sub-level of the human race and feeling incredibly inadequate and unable to belong. 

What about the native girl ? He asked.

After she developed a teflon coating to all that uncalled for aggression, she went on to receive the finest education.  Married up and has fine children.  But to this day she has never forgotten the skinny little girl who fought for her, and kept on fighting. Whenever we meet … we hug.

Cheers Kitty!

Happy New Year 2015


Many Blessings !

Zanze – Harlem outfit.  A harem pants ensemble with a color changing hud.  Topped by a cotton/wool turtleneck and cinched with a belt.  Available at Sneak Peek.   Maitreya – Boots and Hair.   .Shi Necklace

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Thank you ! Many blessings to you all!

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