Postcards from Afrika

  Aidoru – Asia Parure. An Indian inspired set of earrings, nose ring and a necklace. Baubles by Phe – Safari Bead Bangles on both arms.  Bliensen + Maitai – Strapped Shoes in Color. A truly amazing set of strap sandals in a splashy African print.  All Availabe at the J&A Expo until today.  

Plural Eclecticism

SG – Bae´s Bracers of Woe Bracelet worn on the right hand in beautiful leather like wood.   Gizza – Elephant Set.  Includes Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet in solid gold.    Pomposity – Rolled Link Necklaces in gold and silver.    True to their name, one of the best shoes ever: Yasum – Safari Wire Epic…

L´Alma di la Madonna

Beautiful pieces from Vintage Jewels.  Spanning all styles, from the most traditional to the baroque, they are certainly a magnificent option for any versatile wardrobe.  Available at the J&A Expo. Style info. Pic#1 VJ –  Alma complete set in gold. Pic#2 VJ – Madonna