No Regrets

CST Designs
CST Designs

As my problems with Yosemite and Second life got worse, I decided I really could not continue like that.  So bad were the problems that I even considered not going back to SL.

I tried upgrading to Mavericks on my Mac Book Pro Mid 2011.  Unfortunately that model always had graphical problems so it was not an acceptable solution.

On the edge of desperation I went for the extreme.  I created a bootable Mavericks USB Drive.  Partitioned my Hard Disk into 2, without losing any data, and booted Mavericks on the second partition.  Voila!  Problem solved.  Same IMAC late 2012 (purchased a year ago) +  different OS X = no SL or FS problem!!!

Unfortunately I failed at making my second partition as big as I should have made it.  The IMAC is also not as fast as when I was booting on a single partition, but it makes SL workable and playable again, even if in order to blog I have to switch between partitions.  Absolutely no regrets.

Style Info

This jacket will sure become one of my staples during my SL winter.

CST Designs (at Sneak Peak until tomorrow) – Classe Outfit in Blackberry. Includes the Jacket with fake fur trim, slacks and gorgeous high heels to go with them.  Baiastice – Gloves.  Kunglers – Jewelry.

Note:  If anyone has questions regarding dual booting your IMAC between Yosemite and Mavericks, just go ahead and drop me an email.  xoxo, Landa

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  1. Very posh! Love it gorgie-girl! :*

  2. landacrystal says:

    Thank you so much everyone!

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