The Chic Sneak

PENUMBRA Sneak Peek LogoThe SNEAK PEEK  is an exclusive event that will take place monthly.  Brought to us by the organizers of Penumbra it promises to keep us up to date with the latest trends in SL.  The first event is taking place from October 25th to November 5th and it will be on every 25th of each month.

Here is my first take for the event.   Unfortunately for me and due to the huge mistake of upgrading to Yosemite on MAC, I am unable to use any other viewer now except for the official LL one.  I found myself feeling very restricted in terms of the things I could and could not do with my in-world photography, specially given the fact that I can hardly use PS (except for superimposing a logo )  and pretty much the snapshots you have  seen in my blog have been pretty raw.

Still here is my first ever LL viewer snapshot.  I hope I can become better at it in the future.  Either that or hopefully Firestorm viewer V5 will get here first. In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

Me & my Halloween Date!  Do you like him?

A period gown meant for a princess. I found it modern and fun to wear.  It has a strapless top with a dropped waist that ends up draped and held up by red bows on the side.  The underskirt in deep red gives it an indisputable old world feel. You can of course style it in a classic way with lady like accessories and a damsel up-do.  But I preferred to take the slightly  modern, punkish approach to it which is also a little goth.

xoxo, Landa

Style Info.

Leri Miles Designs – Janieke Gown.   Liquence – Hair & Hat.  .Shi – Ring.

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