On The Edge of Dawn

More Glitter
More Glitter

He had dismissed her warnings as just another one of her shenanigans and now this would require a little more time.  Incapable of leaving him alone on his own, she decided to stay another night.  

Time was running out and she would soon need to return.  Did she really want be bothered by this?

GlitterChoose Me Mesh Mini Dress.  Fine smith – Necklace : For some reason this is the kind of outfit that I loved to wear but never expected to do so.  Short, with a deep keyhole neckline that secures itself on high with a button.  Pailletes cover it´s upper body and sleeves.   The top turns into a black mini skirt at hip level which is very reminiscent of Donna Karan´s designs in it´s beginning.   The dress exudes confidence and non-dramatic flair.

Lluvia – Bajofondo (Rain)

Some want to reach heaven 
Others strive to whiten charcoal
In the winter the summer heat, and in the summer 
the soft sound of some song … some song

Some want to play silent
Knowing that time is the best bidder
Others buy the most expensive cars
Even if there are no lights, no lights, nor streets nor sun 

And everyone awaits for the rain to come 
to clean up the streets, in this city, uuhooo
Everyone awaits for a wind with no fury 
That will carry away this darkness 

Everyone understands a broken afternoon 
When from above, there falls the heaviest rain 
Some of us whistle very low 
Knowing that we are very far from g-d

Everybody knows that the soul is broken 
When his eyes no longer are looking at us 
And we walk on the edge of dawn
Losing our calm, losing our calm when it goes …


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