Nisha´s Tango


All day she was hard at work locating her target´s coordinates and making sure the meeting would take place.

Updating their frequencies to make sure they matched to perfection, she made sure they would not become invisible to the other.

With everything set into place she walked in firmly thru the darkened corridor,

past the velvet curtains finding herself in a lofty club circa 2007.

The stage was on while the people danced and turning in her coat at the door she was swaying to the rhythm

when she spotted target Tango #1.


Outfit 1

Glitter – Nisha Outift

Slightly Tapered Palazzo like trousers with a cropped vest in gold and black stripes.  It comes with a golden metallic belt  (not shown).

Chary – Cuffs

Outfit 2

M&M – Shelena dress Flowers

Spanish mantilla inspired asymmetrical dress.    Deep scooped neckline, low back with an asymmetrical skirt.  Perfect for a ¨Bailaora¨ or a night out on the town. Bliss – bracelets.  Mandala – Earrings. Lode – Hair Flower

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