Let the Sun Shine In


When Penumbra´s FW AW14 adventure started I was in the middle of a monumental RL project that I should had finished months ago.

For reasons that I may share in the future, I just could not deliver as expected, so at the same time that I was walking the runway I was frantically – if not manically – trying my best to finish the project on the nick of time.

I did put the final dots in 10 straight days upon which I only showered, ate, slept and worked.

The last five days I actually would had appreciated an intravenous syringe administered into my arm so that those very needed nutrients could get into my bloodstream without me missing a beat.  I did not even have five minutes to spare.

Tonight my friend Adham invited me to a party while I was obsesively trying to get my last items from Penumbra FW blogged.  I told him I was exhausted!!!

I will continue to blog the items pending still, even though they may or may not be available at the Designers´s Mainstore, because as a beloved person told me ¨every item deserves it´s time in the Sun even if you did not have the time to do it before.¨

Thank you all for your patience and love.  Until next time!

Much love,


Style Info

Glitter – Acquarius Outfit (Jeans and Tunic). Gizza – Papillon Jewerly.  Yummy – Rings

Still available tonight at Penumbra FW AW14 Retail Area!

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