Macha Fortress


One of the latest from Gizza.  One outfit, two versions.  On both, a sleeveless shirt that surrounds your upper body holding its place around the neck and right under the breasts.   It then opens out exposing the sides of your torso.   Underneath:  the tiniest shorts that you could think of.  They hug your hips propelling those buttocks up.

The embroidered version (above) is made of a silly brocade like texture embellished with gold thread.  It comes with earrings, arm cuff and lovely sandals.

The tuxedo version (below) is a spin off its male counterpart just as it´s name implies, and it includes the perfect bow tie along with the coolest Blue´s Brother´s type dark glasses and seriously sexy heels.

Style Info


Gizza – Macha Embrodered outfit and Cuff


Gizza – Macha Tuxedo outfit and glases.  Hucci – Boots. Gok – earrings. Vintage Cigarette Holder.


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