The Grandeur of Yasum & Jumo


Gothic and baroque at the same time, the yasum outfit above (available in 2 days during the 24 Square event) brings us a dramatic style that allows for multiple styling possibilities & combinations including mix and match.

A MEGA HUD allows for easy texture changes of the top and bottom as well as the belt of the corset.

The brocade and velvet like texture of the skinny jeans is crowned with a triumphant top.

Exposing only the shoulders, a much underrated part of the feminine anatomy, it goes on to open down into inverted tulip sleeves balancing the entire silhouette.

The corset is belted around the waist with a sumptuous cord that rivets into a magnificent pendant as if to anchor together both top and pants.

Certainly an outfit that can be played up or down depending on your mood and needs but which will make you look and feel your most elegant self even during informal situations.

The perfect earrings for this?  the Jumo earrings with three princess cut  red diamonds set  on a bed of gold!

Yasum – Sensuale Slim Pants & Sensuale Flaw Top with Mega Hud.  JUMO – Superb Red Diamond Earrrings.  7891 – Ring.  Enfant Terrible – Russian Crown.

Venue:  The Lefrevre Mansion.



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