It´s that Time of The Year Again!


A few posts ago I announced that coming AW14 Fashion Season and in order to comply with all commitments in all lives I would only be posting pictures and outfit descriptions on my blog.

As the Season is approaching fast, the time has finally come to do just that until the end of September when my writings will resume.

In the meantime enjoy the SL Fashion and what our magnificent SL Designers and Fashion events have to offer !

The under bra and lacy panties (above)  will cover your bits under the laser cut cage vinyl dress.  It comes complete with leather collar,leather  belt and a hip bag with a thigh strap (to carry your weapon of choice…could be lipstick you know?), mid-thigh hose and sexy leather urban boots that sit just under the knee.

Gizza – No Escape Outfit

Right hand bracelet – Lagyo.  Left hand bracelet – Epoque.



Long sleeved dress with plunging back.  Comes with a HUD that offers lots of color variations, from the deepest black to the wildest orange.  The best part?  It costs only 99L !!!!  I wear mine bare feet for a happy hostess feel around the house.

Yasum – Mesh Vintage Slim Dress with MEGA HUD.




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