Rebel Yell is Back to Black

Snapshot_005 2

Soon it will be the beginning of Fashion Week,  both in the major Fashion World Capitals,  as in SL and designers are hard at work everywhere.   So, for their sake,  from now until the end of September, we will only ensure their outfits are shown along  with a very brief description of it, in order to cover all of our commitments to the various events that will be going on.

Gizza for one is going out of their way with a collection that is both magnificent, young and  outrageously rebellious.  Pictured above is the Rebel outfit in Dark.

Last year in Milan during RL Fashion Week,  I got to wear a very similar skirt (yes that short.  Grins 🙂 in a deep chocolate leather which I teamed with opaque tights and boots with   over the knee overlays, both by Chanel.  I am so very grateful that I can get to wear something like it in SL.

The Rebel outfit comes in several colors.  Amongst them, Dark (shown), Terracota, Soil and Stone.  The former a soft green.  The latter a softer placid blue.   It comes complete with aviator sunglasses and matching cap.  I styled it up with the new Gizza Epaulettes in Gold (worn in doubles)  and the Gizza  Gathered Tote Bag in Black.   The shoes? the very sexy AND comfy Penelope Wedges in Black as well.  These also come in an array of different colors to suit every mood and every styling need.

To the man who has stolen our dreams …  Our very personal  Freddy K (winks)



Gizza´s Rebel Yell began during the release of Back to Black. A tiny shorts and zippered vest ensemble in black and gold that comes with its own set of gladiator type sandals and Hermès like Medor cuffs ;).  Nikotin Cigarette (but please don´t try smoking at home!   it´s bad for your … LIFE !)

 xoxo, Landa

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