The Cure


She had begun to become stronger than the potion that was administered to her each day.  Little by little the veil over her eyes was lifting and she could see inside herself better and better.  She still kept quiet and didn´t tell a soul how she had been regaining little bits and pieces of herself that had been scattered and even some that had been shattered all around.

Baiastice – Bali Gown.  Zaara – head jewel. Kunglers – Jewelry


Her identity had been shaken and  she had begun to morph into something unrecognizable; a part of her non-self.  It looked beautiful at first but upon closer look, the darkened vacuum became apparent. Her mind grew empty her system limp.  Like an automat all her reactions were controlled by angry thoughts of fear and loss.

Until one moment during which from deep  inside the vast corners of her heart and mind she saw it.  At first it looked like a dark amorphous shadow, then little by little it became clearer. Bigger. The vapid monster kept feeding on her fears and insecurity like a misogynistic beast as his eyes  kept growing greener and greener.

Jumo – Gown in Montpellier Red & Fascination Diamond Jewelry Set.


She ran away from that empty darkened place stopping only once to look behind. As this last action propelled her to run faster she came back up into the light and taking a deep breath she remembered who she really was.

Slowly she began to find her long lost pieces and putting them back together she regained the full consciousness and memory of herself.

Jumo – Loire Gown in Cerise & Diaphanous Jewelry Set in Diamond Topaz (Tiara, Necklace, Earrings and Bangles)


She woke up in a much better place to the sound of music in the background. As she turned around she still saw the monster in the background and kicking her heels back knocked it down on the floor for good.

The cure for such obstacles most likely resides in our ability to look things in the eye and take back the powers we´ve surrendered to both external or internal monsters while remaining true to ourselves.  Like quarterly wardrobe cleaning it´s just something that must be dealt with and done. LC

David Heather – Long Blazer with a white undershirt worn as a dress.  Gizza – Knotted Scarf in Pastel worn as a tie Parisian style.

Don´t try the cigarettes at home!!!  They are only harmless in the virtual world. Right Gidge????!!!!

Until next time! xoxo, Landa

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Thank you Bazza for your kind words. 🙂

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