Shellsea Again


No matter what they say: in SL,  we are a who we are inside in RL.  We tend to replicate either what we do and think,  who we are, how we look or what we have lived thru.  We follow our hearts and nothing can be more real than that. LC

Our reality has a tendency to seep thru every aspect of our lives, and wether we think of SL as a game, a chat room or an extension, the fact is that SL is part of our RL and as such  how much we can separate the two, in our minds, hearts and life, is still debatable and I´m guessing dependent upon the psychological configuration of the individual.

I in particular, can´t do the RP thing.  I´m just not good at trying to pretend to be something I ´m not.  This is not to say that I can´t play at times, but whatever comes out is still a part of me and not somebody else.

The similarities are even stronger when we are not even aware that we are doing it and it just sort of pops right in front of you.  This is the case of the setting I created for this story.

When I was thru with it I realized that without meaning to, I had replicated my former beach house, complete with hill, dense forest, seemingly endless staircase and magnificent sunset view from the back of the house, including most of its indoor decor.   And I thought I did not miss it !!!!

The tankini above comes with a matching scarf that can be used three different ways.  Tied on the side of your swimsuit and tied either to your side or back ponytail.  One of the cutest accessories of the season.

Gizza – Nautical Bikini in Dotty.  Kunglers – Jewelry – Fanatik – Pool


I once wore a swimsuit  like this in RL and I still can´t believe it.  While I ´m no longer this daring in RL, I can indulge in SL.  Deep V-Neck, silk spandex swimsuit in a kaleidoscope of mixed colors and prints combining flowers and animal prints.  Ties at the hip and exposes your entire back.  Wear it with caution! 😀

Vero Modero – Rachel Swimsuit in Pink Rose


Another Tankini, this time in a beautiful print with matching scarf.  Available in different colors as well as in the usual strapless bikini cut.  Gizza – Nautical Bikini in Marine.  Atelier Visconti – Sofa.  What Next – Lanterns.  Roost – Fence

The Sensualist
The Sensualist

Beautiful strapless two piece in a sumptuous white fabric adorned with tiny sequins from the recognized sensual brand …  Smesh! – Off White Mesh Bikini and Pink Mesh Bikini (Inset).  Exclusively available for the Summer of Love open until July 11th.   Comes in a vast array of colors, fabrics and prints.


A beautiful lounging set with a criss crossed type scarf tied at the neck and held together with a gold necklace.

Although it comes with it I chose to use it parallel with what I call a Brazilian type necklace and wear it as I do in RL; with an exact replica of one given to me by a friend in RL many years ago.  I just tie my Hermès scarf around my back, criss cross it in front and tie it around the wires of my necklace in the back.

Very Modero – Leda Swimsuit.  Kunglers – Jewelry.  LaGyo – Head piece.

Come see me soon later this week for more swimsuits from Gizza and Smesh ! an irreverent outfit that ´s still proper and a few gowns with lavish jewelry … WOOOOOTTTT ??? I can´t believe it from minimalist me !!!! mwahhhh.

My summer nights on Shellsea, were always spent looking at the brightest milky way that you can think of … this song reminds me of it.  xoxo, Landa



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  1. Though I have a bikini I really prefer my tankini since I no longer bask in the sun wanting a tan. I always say you can spot a 30 something Floridian sitting on the beach from a mile away, they are the ones slathered in sunscreen wearing a floppy hat with a towel covering their legs and has a long sleeve Tshirt on. 😉 Anyway, I find tankini’s so much more modest when taking long walks or jogs. Fun post sexy gorgeous Landa! :*

    1. landacrystal says:

      I do prefer my tankinis in RL these days. They are now more elegant and comfortable. I also paid my sun transgressions very high and now must wear SPF 100 INSIDE as per Doctor´s orders. But … like they say … none can take away the many times I danced !!! Mwahh ma pretty Cao, thank you so much for your comment and also for stopping by! When you are in world and you see me please do IM me I have something to tell you 😀 xoxoxo

  2. PinkRayne says:

    Gooooorgeous post as always my love, I missed this one somehow… keep posting them to me hehe. Love the final tankini you show, as always you’re beautiful and your writing is heartfelt, warm and always so true. Love you mots Miss Crystal xoxoxo

    1. landacrystal says:

      I love you too Ma Pinky! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Mwahh

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