Neptune Cocktails


Holy Shirt Bikini & Short
Holy Shirt Bikini & Shorts

My mother looked splendid in her bathing suit, wide rimmed hat and the darkest of glasses as she sat on the shore near sunset time while I body surfed the waves.  Each time I crowned one I would yell at her to see me.  

We were the only ones left in the entire beach that afternoon.  All of a sudden a stronger than usual wave broke over my head. Immediately another two waves broke on each side and there was an underwater current that gave me my very first sand facial.  This pattern continued for what seemed like an eternity.   I managed to come up long enough to yell for my mother a couple of times but by then she had gotten tired of my surfing circus act.  

Thru the water that splashed like heavy rain over my eyes, I could see her waving her arm and hand at me  without raising her eyes from the Vogue Magazine she was reading as the tide  threw me on the shore. Unfortunately it sucked me right out again even as I dug my fingers and nails on the sand repeatedly.  This was the same spot where 25 years later, a wave took and killed the mother of a friend who was just walking on the shore.

Rewind 25 years back … I kept fighting the waves.  The beach configuration formed a deep wedge. My feet could not reach the bottom and the waves kept ripping all over me.   Gasping for air I managed to come out one last time, but this time I knew that I no longer had the stamina to keep it up.  I resigned to my fate.   ¨So this is what death is like¨ – I thought to myself –  and closing my eyes I had let go, my body completely relaxed this time, like my Raggedy Ann doll, it was my only option then.   I said a prayer and hoped for God to meet me on the other side, but as I did this a final wave that came from way back, propelled me out far enough to be completely out of harms way.

I threw out my Neptune Cocktail (seawater) as I kept coughing on hands and knees, my long hair a tangled mess of seaweed as my mother laid unencumbered and oblivious to what had taken place.  She simply said, its time we start climbing up … I have to make your supper.  I never told her anything about my struggle that day.  

I climbed the stairs to the summer property in silence as  I realized that I had been forever changed, deep inside.  My struggle had taught me something that applies to life itself; that sometimes when you have given it your all, when you have fought and tried and struggled long enough, when you can no longer go on the same path because it´s rough, the only way out is to take a deep breath, close your eyes  let go or take a different approach.

The string bikini above would have been game at that moment, but given that my activities have become a little more calm, now days it´s the perfect ensemble. The suit comes in three colors, yellow, red and blue.  I wore my yellow one underneath the tiniest of shorts without a need to remove them.  Both can be worn over WowMeh Body depending on your shape.  HolyShirt! Polka Dot String Bikini and Tiny Denim Shorts in Tie Die Pink! Miel – Bracelet.  .Shi – Ring

Legal Insanity Dress
Legal Insanity Dress

When you are done at the beach and you are ready to party, change into the dress above.  Halter neckline with a very deep plunge in the back.  Clings to your body and has an extreme asymmetrical hemline that goes from right under the derrière to under the knee.  Sexy, easy and beautiful.  Legal Insanity – Jungle Dress.  Gizza – Bangles (vintage).  Morantique – Ring (vintage).

Wild Serenity Dress
Wild Serenity Dress

When the night out will be a little more formal you can opt for the elegant yet easy to wear Mia dress.  Strapless top and tube like body with an overskirt in gold lacy fabric.  Simply divine.  Wild Serenity – Mia Dress in Gold.  Lelutka – Hair & Belt.  Gems & Kisses – Earrings

HolyShirt! Dress
HolyShirt! Dress

Once you come back to the city try this HolyShirt! Dress.  I felt tremendously sophisticated and worldly while wearing it to the point where the only other accessory I´d want to wear with it would be a Maserati!  The dress is longed sleeved with a high boat neckline  and tight all around, but in the back it´s draped deeply almost all the way down to the small of your back.  It comes with a fitted mesh option.  Available in Red, Orange and Blue.   HolyShirt! Draped Dress in Red. B&W – Diane Sunglasses

I hope your day or night goes swell ! LOL






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  2. Dee Darwin says:

    Words backed by experience taken from a different view point. I like this Landa ♥

    1. landacrystal says:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Hugging you. Hope you have a great weekend!

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