Are You Gonna Eat That?

Center Ville
Center Ville

That´s the joke among those who know me.  For the longest time I was the thinnest person around.  Although this allowed to me become a model in RL for both Runway and Television (it happily added 10 pounds to my physique) it also made me the target of jokes all round.  ¨Hang on to …. (fill in the blanks) or the wind`s gonna take you¨  they used to say whenever they were not asking me if I was anorexic.

The fact was that no, I was not.  Some of us were really just built that way and it´s not just from eating a cheese cube.  I was a fast eater and when out to eat with friends or out for dinner with dates, whenever there was a pause I would ask … ¨Are you gonna eat that?¨    That´s how I got my last name … –  Landa AreYouGonnaEatThat? – Crystal.  There ´s even a t-shirt that says that!  I so love to eat!

My mother had it worse than me, she came of age when women were bigger.  She´d tell me stories about how she used to fill in her dresses by wearing shorts underneath.  While all the other mothers were encouraging their girls to diet, mine was giving me ice cream Sundays with lots of whip cream for dessert and sending me to the gym, not to lose weight but to sculpt some curves.  Eventually it all evens out and even the skinniest of us becomes curvy.  I wish someone had told me that back then, but I am ever grateful I never had the usual breast augmentation because so it seems, nature will take care of that !

The Dress & The Heels

Koufuku Dress
Koufuku Dress & Essenz Heels

I´m so happily surprised about a self-proclaimed newcomer to the world of Fashion Design.  Her name is Luy (LadyLuy) and she is the owner of Center Ville.  When I become a newcomer I want to be just like her ! Her dress (above) comes in 10 different and outstanding textures.  From printed to solid color, you can see the¨feel¨of the texture down to every detail.  The dress is like a grown up bib.  The necklace high on the front and back, but cutting deep on the sides.  The hemline cut very short. It comes with an alpha layer. Depending on your shape you can wear it with or without the alpha and this makes it WowMeh Body compatible.  A beautiful dress to wear with the Essenz Detroit heels either in White (shown) or Black.

Center Ville – Koufuki Dress ….

Essenz – Detroit Heels

Nantra – Pose

Mandala – Bracelets

That Skirt


Once during a trip to Mexico City, I lunched right alongside ¨La Doña¨ in the restaurant du jour!  that same day, my fiancé at the time, smashed the cameras of two  paparazzi – to my horror – who took pictures of me as we ate when we went down across the street to have coffee.

Later that afternoon I snatched it.   The most outrageous skirt that I had ever seen.  After figuring out the equivalent size, I wore it.  The waist and hemline  were longer in the front than they were on the back.  I fell in love with it immediately.  The next weekend, while visiting friends at a Ranch in Texas, I inadvertently left it down by the pool.  I was never able to recuperate it.  All the service staff stating that they had not seen it.

I only got to wear it once.  The Leezu skirt above is an exact replica of that skirt and it makes me feel like ¨it¨ finally came back home.  Did I even mention it comes in Black and Silver as well?

Leezu – Mini ruffles skirt, Maitreya – Bag, Miel – Bracelet, Redgrave – Scarf, Prism – T-Shirt, Nantra Pose

Your Daughter is Beautiful But She IS a Hippie!


It was the mid 90´s and grunge was all the rage but my father was getting these kinds of messages from his friends.  He was outraged; yet, I was pleased.

Even Flow – Adrift Dress in Black (comes with a hud to change colors and combinations)

Damselfly – Zendaya Hair

Essenz – Tampa Sandals in brown to match the dress belt

Nantra – Pose

Maitreya – Bag

Formal & Informal

Leezu Dress
Leezu Dress

When you require a dress that is long, sexy and comfortable, turn your eyes to the Bon Bon Dress by Leezu.  Available in Black, Cream and Yellow.   Mmmm I want to eat it but I can´t ´cause I also want to wear it!

Leezu – Bon Bon Dress in Cream

Nantra – Pose

Kunglers – Jewelry








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  1. landacrystal says:

    Reblogged this on – Our World is UrWorld – and commented:

    Center Ville, Leezu & Even Flow

  2. ladyluy says:

    What beautiful and sweet words you used my beloved! I was extremely delighted with your photos and productions in this way will become great having such a wonderful person wearing my clothes … thank you with all my heart so much! Luy

    1. landacrystal says:

      Desr Luy! Thank you so much for your kind words! Your work is magnificent!

  3. PinkRayne says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! You must be hungry from all this work so on my way with a burger right now :pp x

    1. landacrystal says:

      Me loves ya food Pinky!

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