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I still miss her.  Every day of my life I miss her.  Not a day goes by without remembering her.  Thinking about her… 

A couple of years have gone by and sometimes I forget.  Going home it slips my mind that she is gone and instead of turning right at the park I keep going … to her house.   Midway thru it hits me and I turn around.    

Some other times, something happens and all I can think about is calling her … to tell her … yet she is nowhere to be found outside of me.  Her new place of abode is now my heart.

I still talk to her.  In my mind and soul  she is still very present … My Mother, my best friend, my all … I lost her to breast cancer a couple of years back, still young.   

Right before her mastectomy I painted her nude in water colors.   This was the last time I ever saw them whole.

In between I´ve lost my uncle, my best girl friend (she was  only 35 years old) and just two months ago, my oldest male friend. All of these people gone within 3 to 9 months from the time of diagnosis.

I keep thinking the cure and it´s prevention must have been found somewhere, somehow, but for now and until that comes out in the open, I only do what I can do, in this as well as every life … I seat, I wait, I work, because someday we will overcome!

 Fashion For Life SL 2014

Fashion For Life 2014 Poster Big

Considered by some as the biggest fashion event in SL, Fashion For Life (FFL) supports Second Life´s Relay For Life campaign to help raise funding for the American Cancer Society.  The event will run as of today until June 20th at midnight.

  • 10 sims full of Fashion!
  • Runway Shows
  • A ¨ Lookbook¨ sponsored by Best of SL Reign Congrejo
  • Live music sponsored by Zenzibar & Penumbra´s own wonderful, Zzoie Zee

All of these with one goal in common:  to promote and maximize donations to the American Cancer Society by way of SL´s Relay for Life and to do so with financial transparency.  A group of volunteers that includes, Builders, Designers, Models & Bloggers, Helpers, Assistants, Business People & Managers; all committed and together with this goal in mind.

Some of our Champions

Fashion For Life 2014 Sign - with Champions

Among the many  Sponsors and Patrons, Smesh!, HolyShirt!, Petit Chat and many, many others!


 The Journey

We are back in the boat and heading for the much talked about and anticipated FFL in SL.  We are looking forward to the things we might find there.  A place to give purpose to our shopping and to shop with a purpose.   In the meantime and not having yet arrived, we travel in style with Gizza´s latest.  I don´t know what else I could say that would not be obvious about this ensemble, except that it’s the sort of dress that I never want to get out of!  I want to sail in it, lounge in it and sleep in it!  The dress is available in several colors and comes with matching sunglasses, a cardigan and  hat!  All Items pictured Gizza!

Gizza´s Yachting Dress
Gizza´s Yachting Dress


Upon arrival at FFL Amble, our first port of entry,  we change clothing into something suitable for warmer weather and we get our passport with our picture on it.   This passport will collect stamps as we travel along FFL, for every purchase we make and these can later be redeemed for prizes.

The Sundaara Design dress is perfect for this.   The dress seems to be moving with the wind.  It´s strapless, cut close to the upper body and opening into a short A silhouette at the bottom.  The dress is simple, sunny, airy and comes with a ruffle attachment to wear with or without.  You could of course wear it with heels, however I chose to wear it with another FFL exclusive, the Essenz Tampa Flat Sandals.  Available in several colors and  Slink feet ready!

Sundaara Designs (on Trek)  – Flora Dress

Essenz (also on Trek)  – Tampa Flat sandals

Nantra (On Voyage) – Pose Jet Set

Sundaara Designs
Sundaara Designs

 The Colombe

After wondering around the Trek and Voyage Sims at FFL, sleep took her over and dreaming about a previous incarnation as a priestess of the Seat of Immortality, sYs dresses her up in white.  The robe is both, simple and magnificent in its modesty and yet … a lot is on display, only you may not notice.  Although the neckline comes all the way up to the neck in the front, it plunges deep on the sides and back.   Wear the robe with the Essenz Tampa Flat Sandals, this time in the purest of whites.

sYs (On Meander) – Naiades Long Dress in White

Essenz (on Trek) – Tampa Sandals in White

Baiastice – Bracelet

.Shi – Love Ring

sYs Long Robe
sYs Long Robe

Oh Rio!

She woke up just in time to shower and dress for dinner and some clubbing in Jumo.  Giraffe sequined low cut skinny cuffed jeans.  A copper mesh weave shirt. Sleeveless and ¨peplummed¨ with glittered sequins all over.  The transparent top can be worn over the sequined black bra that´s included. Pair it up with fab BSD chunky heels and Emo-tions braided hair.  All FFL exclusives.

Jumo (On Promenade) – Giraffe sequins jeans & Cheetah Top

BSD (On Meander) – Carpe Diem Heels in Sea of Olive

Emo-tions (On Journey)  – Renee Braided Hair


Jumo, BSD and Emo-tions
Jumo, BSD and Emo-tions

Let´s make the best of LIFE!







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  1. landacrystal says:

    Reblogged this on – Our World is UrWorld – and commented:

    Gizza, FFL, Jumo, Sundaara, Essenz, BSD, Emo-tions, Nantra and sYs!

  2. PinkRayne says:

    Landa, I love your writing, so heartfelt and warm… I can really relate to this, I didn’t lose my Mum but another special woman in my life who I miss every single day. That thought in a crowd “hey is it really them?” but no, just your heart playing tricks on you. STUNNING post and big cheer for FFL, let’s all go spend a bomb on gorgeous outfits for this fantastic event! xoxo

    1. landacrystal says:

      My heart is hugging Pinky. I know exactly what you mean. Me loves you!

  3. Dee Darwin says:

    Landa you drew tears when talking about your Mom. With that kind of love nobody dies they just reside in a different place. Your Mom is lucky to have your heart as her home now.
    We have all known and lost someone to this dreaded disease it is time to chase it from our world. Let us all help find the cure. ♥ Dee

    1. landacrystal says:

      Dee … I apologize for the tears I have caused you. It was not my intention. I hug you in my heart very very tight. If she had had the chance to interact with you she would have undoubtedly loved you as I do. Let´s knock this disease down! Much Love, Landa

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