Dead Dollz

Coming from the RL Fashion Industry I found styling in SL quite interesting when I first came in.  I quickly figured that fashion – as  most other things – was slightly different in the virtual world.

Fast track  a few years ahead and things seem to be changing, in part because of the Penumbra Management team.  They have made it ok to 1) be voluptuous (think of the Super Models of the 80s) and 2)  they have made it desirable not to over accessorize our styling.  Both come to some as a relief.  The thing is, unless we are roleplaying if it does not make you look good, then what´s the point?

From time to time I am delightfully surprised at some brands.  This has happened to me several times and I honestly say that each time this happens I am simply overjoyed in the same way I would be when I find a new up and coming designer in RL.   It´s like being let in on an exclusive secret.  One that the masses are not yet aware of, so for a brief moment or two, you own it.  The secret is all yours.

One of the brands that has amazingly surprised me is Dead Dollz.  To begin with I love the name.  They seem to have something for everyone and as a plus … they have managed to make one of the simplest yet most avant garde  extreme looks that I have seen in ages.  This is a brand is worth owning!


Strapless and Siren like, the Fragrance Dress by Dead Dollz is elegant in a clean but sexy way.   The beauty of the dress is not only in its cut but in its color.  It lays close to the body all the  way down to your hips.  The neckline seems to embrace your assets beautifully and perfectly, while a buttercup skirt flares out.  The form is simple but truly sexual, in an O´keeffe sort of way.


One of the most surreal yet wearable dresses of the season.  Inertia, looks like a normal short strapless dress in the front, yet as its name implies, IT IS inertia that keeps it all together, along with perhaps a lack of gravity! The dress is like a pointy cloth cover  you wrap around yourself when you get out of someone else´s bed.   It comes with the cutest pleated briefs which are as you can tell, meant to show.


If you are not too old or too young you might remember the days.  Bill Blass, Montana and Alaïa reigned supreme, each on it´s own part of the world right around that time.   The 1985 is  glorious.  A straight dark skirt sits underneath a strapless white top that follows your curves and then opens in huge arches all around you.  You might think that its over the top, and it can certainly be, but if you downplay the accessories, you can actually wear it off runway into your REAL Second Life!

Its Worth
Its Worth Pink

Very Louis XVI but short and flared.  Can be used as a costume or not.   To star in your Ballet production or simply to role-play or sexily cavort about.   Baroque, divine yet simple.

Style Info

Dead Dolls – All outfits

Solidea Folies – Bracelet (Vintage)

JPB – Ring

Solidea Folies – Necklace

Hucci – Boots

Another one whose music makes me smile.


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