Back and Forth in Time

Vero Modero

Vero Modero´s range of choices is so vast that its inspiration obviously spans several eras, places and personas.  But don´t get us wrong; as you can see for yourself,  VM´s designs are very much a thing of today!


With endless  possibilities for styling, this is the one set that I would choose if I was to keep only  one outfit in my closet. It has the potential to take me to and from every imaginable RP fantasy (Fairie, Vampire, G.O.T Princess, Elven, Avenger, Warrior or Angel, you name it).  At the same time it has such an attractive contemporary look that I could very well wear it as just the same old me.

The Raisa, has an olive green corset and an asymmetrical skirt that is longer on the back and flares short in the front.  It seats right at the waist and it´s made in mesh with the most beautiful texture.  This same texture is repeated on the collar that seats atop an embellished criss- cross pattern at the front and back.

Style Info

Vero Modero – Raisa Set

Jewelry – Aisling

 254 West 54th Street, Manhattan (circa 1978)


Today or back in that 70s show, the Mary is the perfect dancing set.  The fabric looks like silk spandex to allow your bod to move to the music.  Again an asymmetrical skirt but this time in bright orange topped by a very berry colored halter top with a ruffled  neckline cut in a deep V neck.  Mmmmmm I just love this color combination.

Style Info

Vero Modero – Mary Set

MG – Horn Necklace

London Calling 80s World


I remember walking around Búzios cobbled streets at the end of 80s, wearing a similar black corset once.  Mine sat at the the hip.  This one seats right under the ribs but both are made with the loveliest lace. I wore mine with jeans to go  eat the most amazing seafood.  This one is the crown of  a washed silk wrap around skirt, also with an asymmetrical hemline. You can wear it there and now or here and then.  Where will you be wearing yours?

Style Info

Vero Modero – Sonya Set

Solidea Folies – Bracelet (Vintage)

Ossaki – Earrings (Vintage)

Saint Tropez 60´s or Now?


Hard to choose a favourite among so many Spring/Summer delights!  Vanesa is a bohemian beach ensemble that is just too chic not to wear at your resort of choice, your boat or pool.  Tiny denim shorts, crowned with a peacock top leaving an open back.  To definitely wear  with platform sandals as you roll on your day bed, à la Bardot!

Style Info

Vero Modern – Vanesa (Comes with shorts, top, sleeves and glasses (shown) and a camel color vest.  Not shown)

Ryca – Belly Chain

Osakki – Bracelet (vintage)

Laugh a Bit and Match The Video To Each Outfit !











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