MEB … Il Sogno Italiano!

A Different Kind of Sexy

The Carmen
The Carmen

I can´t remember exactly when it happened but it must have been less than 3 weeks into my noobie experience in SL.  I came across incredibly elegant women all wearing designs by Italians: talented  MariaElena Barbosa, and my friends: artistic Thera Taurog and creative genius Anubis Hartunian. Being new of course, and not having the slightest idea about the in world experience,  my only source of income at the time was the Lindens I made by trying to beat a particularly nasty pro – complete with latex boots and pointy boobs – at sitting in one of the newcomer friendly places.

With the money I saved, theirs were the very first outfits I ever bought in SL.   In the specific case of MEB, I got the appropriately named Riviera which closely resembled one RL outfit that I had previously owned. The design and workmanship so extraordinary for the technology available at the time, that several years later it is still available on market place. Italian design has always been recognized worldwide to be the leader among leaders. There is something that just seats right with it, and in SL this is no exception.

MEB´s newest collection for SS14, sets a strong need to incorporate at least some of it´s pieces (if not all) into your summer wardrobe.The Carmen above, surely takes its inspiration on the Spanish Flamenco  Bailaora dresses, but its done in a contemporary way. An above the waist skirt that clings tightly to the body revealing all of your curves suddenly flares out at the low hip level. The skirt opens wide there and moves beautifully on the dance floor.  To top it up: a strapless bra with embellished texture at the front.

Although the style is reminiscent of a Spanish Summer, the design and workmanship are unequivocally italian!

Style Info

MEB – Carmen (Bangles included)

Demure, Subtle and Interesting !

The Magda
The Magda

Magda above is a study in contrasts and balance.  While the boat neck top with mid length sleeves has a demure and unaffected cut, its texture explodes with flowers and it´s done in such a wonderful way that you can see and feel it´s delicacy.  The explosion of print is offset by tricolor muted neutral tones of black, white and beige.

The skirt is another thing, the mesh seems to almost move with you at the rhythm your walking sets. It sits low on the waistline, almost at hip level with an asymmetrical cut at the hem that gives it a playfully young vibe. The ensembles comes with a very ladylike triple pearl short necklace (shown) and gold bangles.

Although I could wear it with flats I felt like really giving it a leggy look with the Gizza´s Betty Heels.    It´s what I´d wear if I was leaving on vacation somewhere warm and wanted to look unpretentiously chic.

Style Info

MEB – Magda (Mesh Skirt & Top, Gold Bangles and Pearl Necklace included)

Gizza – Betty Heels in Green (turned yellow leather with turquoise insets via it´s fantastic Color Hud)

I leave you with some fine  Rocking From Zucchero and Pavarotti! Mwahhh!

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