Polished Prism

Marilyn Set From Prism
Marilyn Set From Prism

Abundant in colorful choices in the latest runway styles and featuring original textures it´s what Prism Designs is all about. Their latest collection has taken me by surprise and I could not be more delighted.Even though I would not recommend forgoing  the demo, I have to say that with this brand I am a perfect size S, something quite unusual for me. Most of the time I have to actually alter my shape here and there.  This was really not the case with Prism.

The Marilyn Skirt and Sweater Set presented above,  is a lady like ensemble that is cheerful to the eye and pleasurable to wear. It features a close to the body knitted sweater in a variety of colors and a high waisted pencil skirt that sits about 5 inches above the knee. The skirt also features a wrap around bowed belt in the same colors as the knitted sweater and is finished at the waistline with a color coordinated ribbon. A simple, yet sophisticated slanted bob from Lelutka wraps up the ensemble as well as do the Betty High Heeled Shoes from Gizza. The shoes make your legs look very shapely and can be worn in a bow or buckle option (pictured) and in different color combinations with a  texture HUD that allows you to change the leather, the heel and the instep as well as the bows or buckles.

Style Info

Prism – Marilyn Set in Herringbone Bamboo by Journey

Gizza – Betty Heels in Red  (for Slink High Feet) & Papillon Necklace in Brown

Osakki – Bracelet (Vintage)

Epoque – Clutch (Vintage)

The Lua in Sun Day
The Lua in Sun Day

Again, one of those styles that I have been known to wear in RL.  It features a strapless neckline that accentuates your shoulders and neck lending an elegant look to an otherwise informal number. It also has long sleeves that end in romantic cuffs while an elastic band at the hips gives it a décontracté feel with the flared out skirt  sitting on mid thigh.  The perfect summer dress or swimsuit cover up.  Wear it with either flat sandals or platform shoes.

Style Info

Prism – Lua in Sun Day.

MG – Necklace

Sys – Round Dark Glasses

Wicca by Prism
Wicca by Prism

Back in the days when Miami was THE place, I remember walking into a club all demure and innocent with my date at the time. Incredibly sultry women dressed in similar outfits with their belly´s exposed and cascading manes of hair paraded around the place making me feel tiny, too young, too innocent.  Although my date was gentleman enough not to stare at them openly, I remember feeling completely inadequate. Perhaps this is the reason why the Wicca by Prism (above) made me feel like I wanted to be a brunette. It felt so sultry and sexy.  Featuring a long tube skirt in a geometrical pattern that ends with a Gucci like belt and a knitted strapless top it made me want to  walk the shore at sunset. Simple, elegant and completely different from anything I´ve seen in SL.

Prism – Wicca in Hot Sauce

Gizza – Women´s Flat Sandals in Black

Kungler´s – Jewelry

Zimbabwe by Prism

Last but not least a beach ensemble.  The Zimbabwe by Prism comes with a Bikini top and bottom as well as Harem Pants cover up.  For swimming or partying it is an outfit that you could pretty much live in all summer long.  Wear with or without shoes, use a shopping bag or not.  Sit at home relaxing or go to a Saturday  event.   The choice is yours!

Style Info

Prism –  Imani by Journey in Zimbabwe

Gizza – Women´s Flat Sandals in Camel

Kungler´s – Jewelry

Mmmmm All those colors, passion and sultriness reminds me of Latin America (Brazil all the way up to Mexico) !  Watch closely as you get ready for the FIFA World Cup just three weeks away!!!  One is Jennifer Lopez yes, but the other one is not … It´s Brazilian Singer Claudia Leitte!


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  1. Gorgeous looks! ♡

    1. landacrystal says:

      Yes they are Fab. So many secrets in SL Fashion !!!

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    Penumbra Fashion Week

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